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First NHS Mandate

13 November 2012

The NHS has reached what has been described as an “historic moment”, with the news that Ministers have published the Health Service’s first written mandate.


The 28 page document, which has been produced as part of the Government’s NHS reforms, outlines the priorities over the next 2 years. The mandate was compiled after a 3 month consultation during which the general public were given the opportunity to nominate areas of possible improvement.


Key objectives include:


  • Reducing premature deaths from the most common causes, such as cancer and heart disease.
  • Improved diagnosis, treatment and care for people with dementia
  • Better quality care during pregnancy
  • Online booking of GP appointments to be available by 2015.

Heath Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: "This is a very historic moment for the NHS, not just because finally something is happening today which has been talked about by politicians of all parties for very many years, which is making the NHS operationally independent. But also because we are sending a very strong signal today that we are very ambitious and optimistic about how the NHS can improve and get even better in areas which are key priorities for the public."

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