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Gary Barlow donates shoes

12 July 2012

Take That star Gary Barlow has donated his bespoke Jubilee shoes to The Horder Centre’s celebrity shoe auction.


The shoes, worn by Gary at the Jubilee concert on the 4th June 2012, are inscribed with a union jack and feature the first lines of the Jubilee song. Gary had also signed one of the shoes.


This is just one of a number of celebrity shoes donated to The Horder Centre. Others include Adam Garcia’s dance shoes, Lewis Moody’s rugby boots and Norman Cook’s plimsolls.


Money raised from the auction is being used to create several new woodland trails within the grounds of The Horder Centre. One of the trails has been designed for the disabled and the other will include outdoor gym equipment. The trails will be open not just to patients but also local schools and the wider community.  


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