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NES Instructors and Appraisers Enrichment Programme

27 February 2012

7 eager Appraisers completed an NHS Appraiser training event at Stoke Mandeville Hospital on 23rd February. This was then followed up by an opportunity to meet the MD Mr Peter Sheppard.


The afternoon then kicked off with 5 instructors working hard on improving their assessment skills in Basic and Advanced Life Support. On Friday 24th February the NES Instructors completed a Paediatric Basic Life Support skills assessment followed by the discussion of 12 paediatric case studies.


The enrichment program was led by Dr Stephen Drotske.    


Congratulations to Dr Anneke Blaauw, who will take the role of NES Lead Appraiser. Dr Blaauw will assist with all appraisal issues. The following doctors also completed the appraiser training: Drs M Don, B Byrne, N Bester, L Hetzman, M Gal and G Grobler.


The result of all this hard work is that NES now boasts a team of skilled appraisers, led by Dr Stephen Drotske as the NES Responsible Officer, who are geared to assist you with your appraisals and revalidation.


If you need any further assistance with your appraisals or wish to book an ALS / EPLS refresher course please contact Sophie Rapkins on 01296 746153