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Why choose NES?

Now working with more than 200 hospitals and clinics throughout the country, NES is truly the UK’s market leader in the provision of managed doctor services. We are the most popular destination for International Medical Graduates outside of the NHS, and our tried-and-trusted pathway...


NES in the NHS

Our managed-service model has been adopted to date by 12 NHS Trusts in order to address acute staff shortages and to provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional staffing models and short-term locum cover. In 2023 alone, NES doctors will provide over 230,000 hours of medical services within these Trusts.


NES in the Independent Sector

NES is the UK’s most trusted provider of Resident Doctors and with rotations now covering surgery, medicine, intensive care, neurology and oncology, we have the experience and infrastructure to manage even the most demanding or complex of requirements.


About NES Healthcare

The Best Choice for Doctors

Our aim is to provide doctors from all over the globe an opportunity to work in one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world. By working with NES doctors gain invaluable experience, which can either provide a starting point for their career in the NHS or benefit them back in their country of origin. NES can also be a career option in itself, with many doctors advancing to senior positions and joining our team of instructors and appraisers.

Whilst our recruitment process is thorough, it is designed to ensure that you arrive for your first day of work fully-prepared and ready for the challenges you will face. Our friendly team will also make sure that you receive all the assistance you need in order to make the transition into your new role as straightforward as possible.

Working in the independent sector

The Resident Doctor role is an ideal starting point in the UK for an overseas doctor. Click here to find out about our many opportunities throughout the country.

Working in the NHS

Why not take advantage of the opportunities we can provide to start work as a junior doctor at one of our many NHS hospitals? Click here to find out more.

Training & Preparation

We will help you at every stage of your recruitment so that you are confident and ready before starting work. More details on the various steps can be found here.