Gender Pay Reporting

NES Healthcare is committed to the principles of equal pay for all our employees. We understand that equal pay between males and females is a moral obligation and a legal right in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

We continually strive to eliminate any gender bias in our salary and bonus structures and will take action to address any inequality should it be found to exist.

The information we are required by law to publish is detailed below. Like many companies that have reported, NES has a lower proportion of females in management roles than we would ideally like to see. We have however made significant progress in this area and our goal is to continue to do so.

Pay quartiles – Men and women in each quarter:

Top quartile63.4%36.6%64.7%35.4%
Upper middle quartile60.2%39.8%60.3%39.7%
Lower middle quartile65.6%
Lower quartile70.7%

Bonus pay:

Who received60.8%58.1%67.8%71.1%

Mean and Median comparisons:

Women's hourly rate is0.8% Higher8.3% Higher0.8% Higher14.6% Higher
Women's bonus pay is55.4% Lower
25.0% Higher
50.8% Lower
33.3% Higher

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