Guaranteed Service

Continuity of service is of paramount importance to all of our clients. As a company that employs over 450 doctors on a full-time basis, you can be assured that NES has the capacity to manage even the direst of emergencies.

The NES Standby Programme provides our contracted clients with absolute peace of mind. This is essentially a safety-net whereby a group of doctors every week is paid and (where necessary) accommodated to ensure that they are available to respond in the event of a sudden and unexpected cover arising at one of our hospitals.

Doctors are based all around the country and we work to ensure that there is sufficient cover for those rotations where we provide individuals with a more specialised skill set.

To support the Standby Programme, the Medical Staffing Managers, Operation Manager and the Operations Director operate a round-the-clock on-call system to ensure you can get hold of us via a mobile phone whenever you need to.