Frequently asked questions

We appreciate that you will have many questions about working as an RMO, working in the UK and working with NES.

We have tried to address as many of these as we could below, but if you do not find the question or answer that you were looking for, please give us a call.

What qualifications/experience do I need to be an NES RMO?

Our entry criteria for RMOs is 2 years relevant post-graduation experience, gained in a hospital setting and incorporating relevant exposure in the discipline being applied for (eg. surgery, medicine, psychiatry). All NES RMOs will need to obtain advanced certification in adult and paediatric resuscitation. These courses will form part of the NES recruitment process and are usually conducted at our fully-accredited Training Centre.

You will be contacted within the next 48 hours by a member of our Recruitment Team. If you have uploaded a CV, they will be able to discuss your application there and then. If not, they will make arrangements for you to fill in our CV template. Our recruitment process involves an interview with a member of our team, followed by attendance on the RMO Course, which gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your clinical skills, as well as learning more about the RMO role.

Whilst it is the responsibility of the individual doctor to obtain their registration, our Recruitment Consultants have worked with many doctors who have gone through the process and are on hand to offer advice and support.

NES has a reputation for bringing the best doctors to the UK. This does sometimes result in a longer recruitment process of up to 5/6 months, which allows us time to complete the assessments and provide you with information to prepare you for working in the UK. Once you start work, you will see the full benefit of this thorough approach.

The majority of our doctors sign 12 month initial contracts, but longer terms are available. As the end of the initial term approaches we will discuss with you the option to extend your contract.

Yes. For non-EU nationals, it is worth noting that NES is an A-rated Tier 2 sponsor, and will apply for the Certificate of Sponsorship for successful applicants.

All of our doctors working on fixed term contracts are paid on a monthly basis into a UK bank account based upon submission of timesheets. Payslips are made available in advance of the salary reaching the account.

It is the doctors own responsibility to open a UK bank account, therefore a certain amount of research will need to be done online to establish which bank is best for you and the application requirements for each as these often differ. You will need to apply in person and this can usually be done during the period between your course week and your first shift. Most banks will request a confirmation of employment and NES will assist you with this.

Your tax will depend upon how many hours you work and your rate of pay. Visit for the latest information.

The majority of our hospitals offer free on-duty accommodation. With most of our rotations following a week on, week off pattern, this means that you will only need to find accommodation for alternate weeks. We have a limited number of rooms available at our RMO House in Aylesbury, and these can be booked through the Company.

The dress code will vary from hospital to hospital however to be on the safe side we suggest that you wear smart clothes. This means smart trousers or skirt and a smart shirt or blouse. No trainers, flip flops or jeans. Please ensure that you bring enough clean clothes with you in case the hospital does not provide laundry facilities. If you are taking a cover week or going on to standby please ensure that you take extra clothes with you so that you do not run out. In line with the infection control policy in the UK you should always wear short sleeve shirts and avoid ties.

Every doctor that comes to work with NES is allocated a Medical Staffing Manager (MSM). Their job is to provide support and assistance in order to make the life of the doctor as simple as possible. This includes logistical support wtih travel arrangements, scheduled handovers, leave applications and the completing of documentation. Our clinical team is also available to offer help and guidance as and when you need it.

Whilst the RMO role is not a training post, it does serve as an excellent introduction to the UK healthcare system. You will have the opportunity to make invaluable contacts with consultants and will be well placed to take advantage of opportunities within the NHS that come your way. We recognise that for many doctors, the RMO position is not a long-term goal, and will therefore assist you in any way we can to secure your next position once you have completed your initial contract. Many ex-NES RMOs have gone on to exciting training posts within the NHS and we keep in touch with as many as we can so we can hear about their progress.

Yes. Many of our doctors use the Standby Programme as a way of obtaining extra work. It is worth remembering that we provide free accommodation for our Standby doctors at our RMO house in Aylesbury, and we will also pay them £400 on successful completion of the standby week , even if they are not activated for any work.