Medical Officer

Medical Officer


Opportunities available throughout the UK

The Medical Officer (MO) will typically work in a high profile role at hospitals and clinics within the Independent Healthcare Sector.

The role encompasses work with either surgical or medical patients (and sometimes both), conducting ward rounds and ensuring that all patients are well looked after. Any changes in a patient's condition are discussed with the consultant and appropriate further treatment agreed.

The MO is the designated resuscitation team leader in the event of a cardiac arrest at the majority of the facilities in which they operate, and for this reason all doctors are required to obtain and maintain their adult and paediatric resuscitation certificates. In addition to this, NES runs annual refresher courses and the hospitals conduct regular scenarios.

The minimum requirement for an applicant to the MO position is 2 years' post-registration experience, which will include a mixture of medicine and surgery, in addition to holding a Primary Medical Qualification and full registration with the GMC. Many hospitals admit paediatric patients, and for this we require doctors working in these facilities to have a minimum of 6 months' exposure to paediatric patients within the last few years. Such experience can significantly help a doctor to increase their potential job opportunities.

NES MOs work a variety of shift and rotation patterns, but never longer than 12 hours on duty in any single shift. This type of working pattern offers a good work/life balance, and is also in line with the European Working Time Directive.

Free meals are provided whilst on duty and internet access is provided to doctors.

Closing date is 28/02/2022