Generic Instructor Course (GIC)

Course Duration: 1 DAY

Cost: £625 (+VAT)

The GIC is not open to applications in the same way our other courses are.

Instead, our future Instructors are found when they’re candidates on our courses. Our Course Directors and Faculty identify Candidates who they feel would make excellent Instructors and recommend them as having Instructor potential (IP). Those Candidates then receive an email from the RCUK inviting them to book a place on a GIC course.

The GIC teaches the knowledge and skills required to:

• understand the nature of teaching and learning;
• understand the needs of individual learners;
• understand the awareness of the four domains of learning;
• undertake the various types of teaching sessions on the provider courses.

The GIC must be taken within four years of the date of the provider course.

Currently we are only able to offer GIC spaces to candidates from ALS or EPALS provider courses.