NHS Opportunities

NHS Opportunities

As an approved provider of services on the current NHS Framework, NES is able to offer applicants the opportunity to start their NHS careers with us.

These positions tend not to be resident 1:1 rotations, often instead mirroring the more complicated shift patterns that the NHS doctors work. Some doctors will work on alternate weeks but in most cases doctors are expected to work every week. Each hospital will have a regular rota which we will talk each applicant through so that they fully understand the role that they are going into.

NES doctors working in our rotations are often better paid than their counterparts who are directly employed by the NHS and we are able to offer assistance with accommodation costs.

Usually NES doctors at NHS hospitals will be working at SHO level and will become part of the team of existing NHS staff, albeit whilst remaining an employee of NES. The wards will be busy and the roles can be stressful, particularly at nights, but most tasks and responsibilities remain at a similar level to those in the RMO role.

We cover many specialties, but the greatest current demand is for doctors to work in orthopaedics, general surgery and general medicine.

Whilst these are not training posts, many Trusts will look to involve their NES doctors in training sessions and experience gained in this way will count towards future applications within the NHS or on the GP training programme.

Current opportunities exist in the following locations:

  • Kent
  • Sussex
  • Hampshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Northampton
  • Leeds