RMO Course

Course Duration: 1 Day

Cost: Free of charge

The RMO Training and Assessment course is free of charge and combines theoretical work with frequent ‘hands on’ practicals. Up-to-date equipment and mannekins are of a high quality to ensure that newly developed skills can be put into practice.

This course forms part of the company's recruitment process and is mandatory for all new applicants.

Individuals are not presently able to book places for themselves. If you are interested in attending this course, please express your interest through your Recruitment Consultant.

The RMO Training and Assessment course provides 5 Credits of CPD/CME and covers the following:



Pharmacy Department / PCAs / Relationship with the Pharmacist / Clinical notes / Drug charts / Latin abbreviations / Prescriptions / Indications and contra indications / British National Formulary (BNF) / Side effects / IV Fluids / Dosage calculations 

This section culminates in an exam, for which doctors are expected to use their BNF and their calculator. The pass mark for this section is 100%.


Venepuncture and Cannulation

Tips for really difficult veins / Arterial Blood Gas Sampling / Blood tests / Blood bottles and their labelling / Painless cannulation / Needle-stick Injury (and associated policies) / Sharps disposal procedures

This section culminates in an exam. The pass mark for this section is 84%.



The pass mark for the exam is 84%.


How to be an RMO in the Private Sector

The importance of hospital induction / Resus scenarios / Fire, Health and Safety / Patient Care Plans / Asepsis/Infection control / Hygiene (hand washing, use of white coat, MRSA) / Death certificates / Department of Health (Care Standards Act) / Early warning signs and post operative complications


Male and Female Catheterisation

Why, when, where, with whom / Equipment and its uses / Prophylactic antibiotics or not

This section culminates in an exam, for which the pass mark is 84%.