The following is a testimonial from Dr O, who left NES in the summer of 2017:

"I had the pleasure of working with NES for a year. My recruitment process was a breeze thanks to Jo who was very helpful. The pre-course modules were tasking but very informative, i hadn’t done life support training prior to this so it was a lot to take in and learn. My advice to anyone would be to start your modules on time so that you have the chance to absorb all the information which will make you better prepared for the course week. The RMO course at the training centre was intensive, the instructors were great and did their best to make the course enjoyable as well as educational. Stephen was a good instructor and he gave a lot of practical advice and shared some of the experiences of other RMOs which i found helpful. 

Starting my job was pretty daunting as things were quite different from back home, but the staff at the hospital were great and they made the transition an easy one. I joined the Aspen team which allowed me to gain experience with oncology patients which i believe has added immeasurably to my career growth. Dr R was fantastic and took the time to ensure i learnt during my time there, as well as encouraged me to join the weekly MDTs and presentations.   Starting my job as a  GP ST1 is going to be bitter sweet as i will miss the staff i worked with.  I cannot stress enough how great they were and how solid the support system was.  

I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone at NES especially Carly and Josh who were my MSMs, for all their care and support during my time working with the company. It was a good starting point for a career in the UK, i will undoubtable recommend NES to anyone who is interested in working here. I wish you all the best of luck for the future."